Testing Services

Vehicle Performance Evaluations

  • Active Safety: LDW NCAP, FCW NCAP, Crash Avoidance, CIB, DBS,
    ESC NCAP, ACC, Blind Spot Detection
  • Vehicle Dynamics: Handling/Steering Evaluations, FMVSS126
  • Brake Performance: ABS, TCS, VSC, Base Brakes
  • Road Load: Coast Down and Load Measurement, SAE J1263, J2263

Customized Testing Services Requests

  • Project management, engineer and technician support
  • Benchmark and competitive evaluations
  • OEM procedures and standardized procedures (SAE, ISO, NHTSA)
  • Coordination with affiliate company resources

  • International vehicle importation and logistics

Off-site Field Study and Suitability Testing

  • Off-site GPS live data tracking and remote data management

  • Data Acquisition and Instrumentation

  • Data History Reporting

  • Total Project Management

Test Equipment

  • Data acquisition – performance, durability and field testing
  • High performance vehicle motion measurement systems
  • Integrated vehicle to vehicle measurement systems
  • Video acquisition – with data integration
  • Steering, brake, and acceleratorrobot systems - with integrated data
    acquisition and controller