FT Techno of America, Fowlerville Proving Ground, is deeply committed to benefiting the communities and improving the quality of life of the people where we operate.

1. FT Techno of America will live in harmony with our neighbors and the environment.

2. We will foster technological innovation in the field of transportation through promotion of math, science, and engineering in our local education system.

3. We will promote public safety through our partnerships with local emergency response and public service entities.

Our test tracks and facilities allow FTTA to support our community in a unique way, having an impact far beyond traditional cash donations. We strive to create partnerships, get involved, and make a real difference in the lives of the people that surround us.

Each year we open our doors and offer our facilities and expertise to everyone from brand new drivers to high performance experts who respond to emergencies.

  • Our annual Fowlerville High School Advanced Driver Training is offered free to the students of our local high school. This transformational program is a mix of classroom and hands-on exercises giving students a chance to experience real life situations in a safe environment.

“The staff of the program is second to none. The entire process of working with the event staff has been seamless and great. What a positive experience it has been between Fowlerville High School and FTTA.”

– Brad Lusk, Fowlerville High School Principal

  • A proud supporter of the Society of Automotive Engineers and Michigan State University, FT Techno sponsors the MSU Formula Racing Team. Our 20 acre dynamic pad has opened up a new world of testing and development for the race car and added an unbeatable safety element.

“Partnering with FTTA has led to success on the track as well as in the classroom for the MSU Formula Team. We feel very fortunate for the opportunity to develop our race car on this world class test track.”

– Brady Thom, Project Manager, MSU Formula SAE

  • Each year, FTTA hosts the Livingston County EMS Driver Training and Certification Course at no cost to the county. Facilitating the training of over 60 paramedics over the course of a weekend, we are proud to help those who do so much to help us.

"There are very few places in Michigan where we can go to conduct this type of training, and FT Techno provides a safe, closed environment for our people to get the instruction they need. FT Techno is an ideal corporate citizen."

- Jeff Boyd, Director, Livingston County EMS

  • The Fowlerville Proving Ground is home to the Livingston County Sheriff Department Accident Avoidance Training. The Sheriff Department, along with eight local municipalities, took advantage of eight free days on our proving ground test tracks to keep them safer on the roads and help prevent accidents.

"All of us are responsible for enforcing laws and keeping our citizens safe, but we also have a fiscal responsibility to help keep expenses down, and use tax payer dollars wisely. This training and the generosity of FT Techno of America will help us accomplish those goals."

- Mike Murphy, Undersheriff, Livingston County Sheriff Department